Forget Mark Beaumont; not that I want to take any of his cycling achievements away from him or anything, he is a true ambassador to our beautiful sport after all. But please spare a thought for the unsung heroes of cycle touring, such as our wonderful friend Margo Denholm.

It takes a very special, free spirited individual, with oodles of courage and a great sense of adventure to even contemplate what Margo, originally from Motherwell, has achieved over the past 4 years. As if an 18,000 mile bike ride from New Zealand, all the way back to Scotland with fellow cyclist Ben Casson wasn’t enough. She is currently going solo on a yet another epic European trip that most of us only dream about. Not only is she incredibly fit and motivated, but she does all this on a shoe string budget, living out of a pannier bag and sleeping in a tent, often at the side of the road.

Margo is a true inspiration to us all and has certainly inspired and supported me in starting The Tartan Bicycle Company… Thank you Margo!

You can read all about Margo’s incredible adventures at… &

…and if your feeling generous, please help support one of her selected charities.