Apologies for the lack of blog postings over the past couple of months, it’s been a busy summer here in Edinburgh at The Tartan Bicycle Company HQ with bicycle tours.

I find it difficult to talk about Scotland without making some reference to the weather, especially when you’re in the outdoor activity business. But we’ve been blessed with sunshine the past three months and our wee country has been given the opportunity to showcase herself in all her glory. It makes me proud to see happy visitors from all around the world come to Scotland and with the sunshine on their faces, look in awe at our splendid architecture and dramatic landscapes.

Our customers, many of whom have traveled from across the globe from places such as Australia, USA, Canada and across Europe have been the nicest of people and a tribute to travelers everywhere. We’ve met a lot of wonderful people in our first year of business and made some good friendships. Maybe it’s the common interest in cycling that brings people together, or possibly the location, or a bit of both. But the feedback (See Tripadvisor) has been very positive and given us the drive to continue developing our business to make it even better next year.

So now that another record breaking festival season has reluctantly drawn to a close and the kids have returned to school from their summer holidays, I wrongly thought it would be curtains for business as we begin to sit tight for the low season. But no, the sun is still shining and the diary has plenty of bookings. No wonder Scotland has a reputation for being a top cycling destination.