The Tartan Bicycle Company are very proud to announce the arrival of our new electric bikes (e-bikes).

We believe one of the main ingredients to providing a memorable bike tour around Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, as well as good customer service, is to issue each individual member of the group with the correct tool for the job. To do this, over the past 4 years we’ve invested in almost 40 bicycles of various shapes and sizes. So that every rider travels in comfort, on a reliable bike. Our fleet consists of our ever popular hybrid and road bikes, and up until now, a small fleet of Giant e-bikes. Electric bikes have grown hugely in popularity over recent years, now the stigma attached to them being used by lazy cyclists has all but gone – E-bikes are not motor bikes! They’re designed to give the rider different levels of peddling assistance, as and when needed, and are a lot better for the environment. E-bikes have helped open up the world of cycling to the masses, with bikes that are constantly developing in technology, battery life…. and price!!!!

So, to say thanks to our much loved customers, We’ve gone to the expense of investing in several new e-bikes. Our beautiful ‘Cube’ and ‘Lappierre’ e-bikes feature the latest in Bosch motor and battery technology. With 4 different levels of assistance, from economy to TURBO modes, and a battery life of up to 75 miles (130kms), these are the best fun you can have on 2 wheels. There really is no excuse for anyone who can ride a bike not to come on one of our bike tours.

Now, this is a trial run for us, and our new e-bikes are in short supply until we can justify buying more. So as a 2017 promotion, we will offer our new bicycles at the same price as our old, on any of our tours where we offer the use of e-bikes. Please note; regrettably, these bikes are for use only available to Edinburgh and Scottish Highland tour customers, not for general hire. Although, we still have our fantastic ‘Giant’ bikes available for rental.